Priyanka Chopra - "you can't take my picture!"

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0 Comments Priyanka Chopra - "you can't take my picture!" - 05-Oct-2006

I don't usually add commentry to my images but this takes the cake...

Adelaide has been "lucky" to have been chosen as the location to shoot the next Bollywood epic - 'Love Story 2050' staring Priyanka Chopra. Apparently, this movie has a budget of $10mill but only uses one camera, and 2 lights! Go figure... And, there are only 2 main characters that I know of, plus about 20 crew with some locals thrown in! I think I can guess where the budget is going.

Anyway, this is Priyanka telling me that I am not allowed to take photographs in a public place without first seeking permission! So, we exchanged a few "pleasantries" and I kept on shooting! ;-)

I'll post more images over the next couple of days.